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I find this sad, imagine living your whole life working in a factory. Its just depressing, what is life when all you do is work (for factory workers). Im not against capitalism neither do I support it. Is this economic progress, I rather let machines do this jobs. ); I feel bad for those people who will never really experience freedom or a better life and have opportunities towards having a higher education. 


Surreal Photos of the Tatio Geyser Field in Chile by Owen Perry


Underworld: The Intrepid Cave Photography of Robbie Shone


Ballet folkloric #balletfolkloric #veracruz #mexico

Fuente del Campanario, Plaza del Campanario, Las Arboledas, Paseo de los Gigantes, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Estado de México 1960 
Arq. Luis Barragán 
Foto. Armando Salas Portugal
Campanario Fountain, Las Arbodelas, Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico, 1960

Mexico oil fields

Currently working through a box of tops; spinning tops, balancing tops, whip tops… This is a pretty peg top from Mexico City, Mexico.

Todos Santos - Artesanias (by ¡Carlitos)